Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah SWT, whom with His willing giving us the opportunity to complete our English Panel Blog. This blog was prepared for SMK Jelai (Felda) especially for students and school’s staffs who really needed update information or knowledge related to the English Language Panel. This blog contains a lot of information or bulletins on activities that have been organized by English Panel, announcement on activities that will be run, as long as quiz, games, questions bank and general information. Insyallah, we will always updating this blog as often as we can.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to our principle, Mr Omar B Ahmad, and also our Advisor, Mr Kasim B Abu Samah for their cooperation, encouragement, constructive suggestion and full of support to us to constructs our own English Panel blog. Also deepest thanks to our ICT coordinator, En Noor Haslin B Moksin, for assigning students to help us developing this blog and also for his cooperation and encouragement during the development of this blog. Also deepest thanks to all teachers and students who involved with the development of this blog such as contributing ideas, materials as well as physical energy to the blog.

Lastly, with this new era of technology, we really hope that this kind of effort (building blog) will also encourage students to start doing and developing their own blog as well as discovering millions of new technologies and finally fully involve with these information technologies world, as been suggested by our country’s administration. Insyallah.. Last but not least, we really welcome any suggestions and ideas from you in order to improving this blog. Thank you.

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